Why ElitePage?

Elite Page is free for schools

Upon registry on this platform as a school, within 72hour a unique application theme is generated, once vetted by school adminitrator, it's deployed on Google Playstore for use, no hidden charges, extremely customizable to address your daily routines ranging from Student records to Financial transaction recording, real time chats, notification and correspondences to parents

Data Friendly

Engagements on the fully customized app in real time is optimized for minimum internet service data consumption as against a conventional browser where every visit initiates a reload thereby consuming same amount of data as a routine.

Teacher's Aid

ElitePage avails teacher the ease with respect to school daily routines through class scheduler, notifications is sent 15 Minutes and 5 Minutes respectively to the commencement a physical class, attendance is marked on the device even without internet access with an edge of efficient time management. Access to instructional materials and educational conferences

Students learn better

Study materials are indexable based on school curricula with an edge of socializing with friends and after school real time virtual classes from teachers with data friendly downloadable video lessons and CBT quizzes from teachers for continued learning till mastery is gained.

Study Materials & Past Questions

ElitePage is indexed with myriad of study materials and past questions for WASSCE, JSCE, UTME and POST UTME for a token in order to actualize Excellent academic performance.

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